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The human body is Naked fist fight, deserving to be admired, respected and appreciated regardless of gender identity, color, sexual orientation or age Need a place to post your uncensored freedom? Copyright aliaslittlewilliam. When did freedom of expression suddenly become an online crime?

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Being bi is a gift!

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Being bi is a fucking gift!!!!!! Reblogging this every single time I come across biphobia to remind both myself and others that not only is there nothing wrong with being bi, it is a wonderful thing to be! I know I have a wide variety of friends in life and Facebook friends. From far right wing conservatives to far left wing liberals.

What I am writing below most might Naked husbands tumblr controversial.

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But I want to provoke conversation. Today I got into a philosophical discussion with one of my better educated truck Naked ladies exercising friends concerning sexuality in general and bisexuality specifically.

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His hypothesis since its not based in scientific fact was that an individual who identified as bisexual, but was in a committed relationship with a person of the opposite sex was indeed a Sexy naked korra person. Vice versa he stated that a person in a committed relationship with the same sex was gay. My hypothesis was the opposite, that an individual who identified as bisexual but was in a committed monogamous relationship with a person of the opposite sex Melanie kinnaman naked in fact still a bisexual.

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His argument was that sexuality is determined by ones desires as outwardly expressed and influenced by their environment. That sexuality could be changed and be fluid, depending on the situation and conditions the individual Eric roberts naked in.

I argued that sexuality is an inherent genetic trait one posses at birth.

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That the identity is fixed, but your actions are fluid. Ones actions are influenced by the environment, conditions and social norms of the demographic you are in. No matter who the partner is nor the status of the relationship you are in, you are still bisexual. The same desires and attractions exist. That identity is fixed. We did mutually come to the conclusion Naked hippy girl regardless of your identity and who you are, every deserve to be loved, not hated. To be respected, not despised. To be recognized, not ignored. That we need to express compassion, not Vin deisel naked.

To have tolerance, not spite. And to allow people to be who they are without forcing our own standards on them. Now with that in mind, we looked at the current situation in our nation today. Everyone race is decided by the make Tiffany trump naked pics of their DNA. So we all identify as black, white, Asian, Hispanic, etc.

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But who we The ant bully naked is influenced by our actions and reactions to our environment and conditions. The hatred fomenting in our nation today is being manipulated and influenced by the political environment. How we react is a result of the conditions we are in and the attitudes that we have been conditioned into. Nor your ability to learn, nor act.

There are any of individuals born to poverty that have grown to prominence in this country. George Washington Carver, W. These people have ificantly impacted our society and deserve respect for their contributions. And they have been recognized.

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None of these names have been relegated to obscurity. I am a product of a public education. I learned of these great Kiara mia full nude in school. To do this change needs to happen, yes. But not by violence in the streets.

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That only brings more violence and more hatred. It needs to begin in the home. With the teaching of respect for others, not just your race. With teaching love for one another, with taking responsibility for Elfen lied lucy naked actions and your conditions.

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Teaching tolerance, patience and understanding. By education people to look not for handouts, but a hand up. And learn to give that hand up when you are in a position to give. No one should be forced to feel bad for who they are nor for what the ancestors did. This is the here and now. We determine who we are. I pray one day we can look past political parties, beyond race, beyond sexual orientation and accept people for who they Kristen wilson naked.

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I love my friends, I love my enemies I love my nieces and nephew who are lgbt. I accept them for Meghan falcone naked they are, incredibly intelligent, talented, endearing and strong individuals. Accept me for who I am. I am not perfect. I have made good choices in my life, namely the best one when I Married Melissa my wife and chose to be faithful and monogamous. I have made bad choices as well, like leasing a truck.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I am a father, a husband. A bisexual, a survivor of sexual abuse.

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A grandfather, an uncle. A Soldier, a member of the church. Ms incredible nude most of all I am me. Please if you reply to this post, be respectful of others. Posts Likes Submit a post Archive. Being bi is a gift.

Bi people are still bi no matter who they’ve been with

Nice sheer lingerie! Lastly, the most important thing we need to do in the home us bring back God. True so true. Recently Liked.

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