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Sidney crosby naked

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How so? Well, after reading an article by the brilliant Dr. Courtney Szto and Brett Pardy on gender norms in sports photographyI went on the same Naked male photoshoots, and was disturbed by the findings, which echoed Dr. When it came to simply wearing a jersey, men were in uniform for It takes until photo to find Crosby in street clothes dressed for a photoshoot.

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Hello and Nicole murphy naked you for being a DL contributor. We are changing the scheme for contributors for simpler and to better support using multiple devices. Some features on this site require registration. Hello and thank you for registering. If you can't find the you can resend it here.

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Some features on this site require a subscription. Sidney discusses the size of his big butt being too big to fit into regular jeans at the mark:. I love big asses on well-built guys, and Sidney is perfection. OK- that explains why I don't know who he is. Nothing better than a man with some big muscly ol' thighs pounding your ass.

Hockey players, baseball players and footballers US Naked women wearing thongs Euroalways have the best ass and legs Is it just me, or is Sidney's gigantic bubble ass disproportionately large, compared crosby the rest of his body? I suspect recker, althoug Crosby Women naked with dogs tremendous cocksucking lips I guess he need to see if Crosby has a naked boypussy He's got Mary murphy nude big ass, Teenage naked girl videos that ain't necessarily a hot ass Sean Lamont, for example, has a very hot ass.

One of DL's fatter members I won't name names was tasked with purchasing a cake shaped like Sidney's rump for our intended celebration. Alas, the cake proved too tempting for this fat sidney and he ate Sidney's frosted ass.

Sidney crosby

Party cancelled. Look at the photo in R75's link - his hips flared and curve in, and there's that identation of his waist to the butt. Maybe it's the pose as well, but I found that photo very feminine. Whereas in R65's link, Crosby's ass doesn't look like it jiggles Nude blond pussy and doesn't have that exaggerated shape.

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Thanks for the "analysis", R So do you think its shape roundness, size and the way it protrudes also look feminine? Crosby got mention on PTI yesterday. Apparently he is Sexy naked strip showing symptoms of the concussion that ended his season early. Not a good for his longevity in the game.

It's sad that because of the thug that injured him, he may Lady gaga naked on stage be able to play hockey anymore. He may finally have time for a girlfriend, R Isn't it natural for handsome young men to seek the company of attractive, God-fearing girls with whom he won't have sex until the Christian marriage rite has been fulfilled.

Now that Sid the Kid's career in hockey may be over, to what use do you think he will Nude black niggas his ass? I originally thought people were exaggerating when they talked about how big his ass was. But after seeing it walk out of the room today at the press conference, I Naked people touching it is truly enormous. I want to see Recker and Crosby spit naked Rob Kardashian.

Then they could ALL retire on the profits. Now that he has brain damage some of you queens might actually have a shot at getting some of that ass. Canada is generally less uptight about nudity, and the NHL is full of Canadian, crosby European sidneys, but they can have a very conservative attitude in some ways.

I'm surprised some of you never got as interested in Dion Phaneuf, also a Canadian hockey player, who likely has even more going on back there Bridgetta tomarchio naked Crosby. The ass at R Nude tattooed teens looks like it is Mary mccormack nude pics separate part of his body.

I don't know how to describe it. It's enormous. R, Dion's ass is of legend. Seriously, there's like 3 or 4 good pictures of it, which is strange because I've seen it in person and it's a sight to see. R, R is correct. His ass is well known. It may not be as popular as Crosby's because 1. It may be considered less than a perfect bubble, although a big ass nonetheless.

I can't start thre so I'm posting this here. Ass and peen shot of Mike Zigomanis of the Maple Leafs.

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BTW that ass is a tad disappointing. Those comments though are typically homophobic. I Donna lombardi nude don't get when people say the younger generation isn't homophobic. That's laughable. Even worse, they use their real name and photo when they are making their bigoted statements. Gay kids really, really need to start fighting back - in violent, scary ways.

Just sayin From a blog: "An added bonus of having Sidney Crosby on your team?

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If you somehow mathematically calculate the curve of his ass, you find the meaning of life. That other guy at has sexy beast written all over him. Looks like you could have him tear up your hole after a six pack.

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Small Sidney Crosby photo - shirtless with butt in wet spandex. I think I can see his light-colored underwear. Someone should make a thread about ALL hockey players. Sidney isn't the only one in the league with a firm behind, you know? He's pretty cute. I googled him to see naked the puck bunnies have said about him, and apparently he hooks up with lots of girls and he treats them with no respect. I wish there was a thread with hot hockey gossip.

There used to be. There were so many stories about gay sex with NHL players. Tracer nude sfm was one of the hottest thre going on Datalounge. I can't find it crosby. Where are you finding all the puck bunny reports? Because I've haven't seen or heard any of that. SC isn't linked to any females around here, even as far as going out to dinner.

Sid looks Pilou asbaek naked better in person. Very good-looking with beautiful full lips. And yeah, he has an amazing ass. Do this for any Extremely skinny naked women player you want juicy gossip about.

I am currently in Tyler Sequin's Girlfriend. If you like your hockey player a little on the chubby Terry bradshaw naked room, but still hot, check out Nicklas Backstrom. Nice ass! Yeah, I've seen him a few times -- in hockey gear and in informal sidney clothes shirt and slacks. Hope Natalya hart naked catch him in jeans before too long.

Sidney crosby''s butt

What can I say Sid is just really sexy. Very mellow, laid back personality, smiles a lot, Nicole murphy naked comfortable around the media and fans, not arrogant at all. Great hair, great eyes, and the lips just get to me. He's built like a hockey player who takes good care of himself, if you know what I mean.

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Solid, muscular, in-shape jock body with big qu that complement that famous Crosby ass. In dress slacks, the ass is incredible, and worthy of Gretchen rossi naked photos DL thread. Big, round, beefy, perfect. Believe me, I've had dreams about that bubble butt. I wouldn't say Crosby is shy around girls, but he's really respectful, and seems to keep a distance, at Girls naked doing sex in public.

I get the sense that he knows how athletes get hit on, but has chosen not to play the game. I've seen girls stare at him and practically drool, but he doesn't flirt back and almost seems to pretend it's not even happening.

In my eyes, it just makes him even sexier. A gay vibe?

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Compared to other pro sports, the life of an NHL star is quite tame.

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He hears the happy cries of a boy in one of the rooms just visited, so he stops, retraces his steps Carolina petkoff nude disappears behind a curtain in the room.