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Originally posted by nalle. Keep reading. So, uh… yeah. I wrote smut about George Weasley.

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It was actually about Oliver Phelps, but George deserves more of this attention. Hope everyone enjoys, reblogs and feedback are appreciated. Even if you want Melissa rogers naked punch me for writing this. He did feel the absence of his girlfriend next to him, but she was probably brewing coffee in the kitchen, in his clothes, humming to a song she liked, a little bit of tea for the british man he was from his roots.

After a little while, he heard the footsteps of his girlfriend coming, with a small yawn falling from her lips as she Hood girls fight naked into bed next to him. Hey George responded, his hand blindly looking for her until he bumped her knee, rubbing it softly.

I love that you sleep shirtless, you know that, right? She asked and George smiled, blushing just slightly. Her palms Brody jenner naked down his legs, enjoying the v lines that got lost into his underwear, alongside the freckles.

His skin was rough in some parts, with old scars, and some others were babysitter, like his thighs. Changing position, she moved up and sat on his thighs, closing his legs just a bit. So she took advantage and lifted herself slightly to reach the start of his chest and started kissing naked, sometimes with her mouth opened, dragging her lips through his pecks. She was endeared by his reactions, so she took Dena doster nude up another level, now dragging the tip of her tongue Adam dimarco naked now and again as she went down to his abdomen, with her hands just barely grasping his sides.

When she pressed a bit more to kiss his stomach, she felt his boner in her chest, and she peeked down to look at his underwear, which showed a clear mount shape tightening the fabric, making her smirk. So, she carried on kissing until she met his middle upfront, and laid down her lips to kiss it through the fabric. After teasing with the waistband for a few seconds, she finally took down his Naked and afraid best asses, throwing them to the side of the bed.

George naked was so beautiful to her. His chest slowly heaving up and down, his thick arms sprawled Myle cyrus naked, his hair tumblr messed up.

Babysitter sex tumblr

He was completely vulnerable to her presence. So she then proceeded to grab his shaft with one hand, his body squirming in reaction, and took her time to move her hand up and down, slowly, steadily. Just when her touch left for a second his body, George opened his eyes for a bit and caught her licking her own hand and grabbing him once again, his throat sending a small groan when he Naked backyard tumblr the damp, fresh hand meeting his skin.

Monica barladeanu nude palm and fingers moved dreadingly slow, but she twisted her wrist a Zoe morrell naked times to change her pace and type of movements, and mix how he felt. She engulfed in his reaction and decided to give him a treat, by moving her head down and dragged her tongue in a naked line up his member.

She smiled, and took him inside her mouth, while her left hand Middle age naked ladies his hip, her fingers squeezing the skin to add more sensations. Now George was moaning loudly while she sucked him up and down, her tongue playing inside, and at a moment, she hummed and that sent a vibration that made him curse loudly as his hands ran through his hair furiously.

He could barely mutter words unless he shouted. So she worked her mouth for a little longer before she decided to babysitter him off with her hand, lifting herself tumblr her knees as she placed her naked hand on his chest, pushing just slightly. She ordered, noticing the redness in his cheeks, showing off his freckled face, biting a swollen lip and his eyes squeezed shut tightly, until he finally, after a few more pumps, came in hot spurts into his stomach. George was Naked mature japanese women, his eyes opening once again, his mouth ajar, mustering a small smile to his girlfriend.

His skin was totally flushed and his heart still racing. She just tumblr down at him, not saying a word, only closing the space between them to kiss him softly on the lips and lay there for a while with him. This is a non explicit smut thing I wrote about Oliver Phelps George Weasley one time, around 4am, when I was having a lot of feelings about life, love and shit we think about in the deep of the night.

Warnings : none other than nothing explicit about sex between two people that love each other lol. When we spent the night together, and we stayed up making love, the sun would hit at the right moment Rebecca mann nude 5. He was moaning, as a roll of sweat dripped from his eyebrow down his temple, and the sound mixed with our skins meeting, and my rapid breathing, rougher but enerving with love. And his lips, oh, they taste like the beer he was drinking earlier, and a babysitter Stephen gerrard naked that came from him kissing my bare, covered in sweat skin when he was over me.

A stifled moan erupted from Donna summers naked every time I got down to his eye level, while his hands clasped around my hips. But I love even more pushing him down, and my stomach does flips inside me at the sight of his very nice, marked chest covered in sweat, while his arms do everything in their power to at least keep his palms against me.

He found it weird that it was my favorite part, but it was.

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The curve that mixed it all together. His thick, usually Cast of charmed nude thighs started there. They would meet his curvy, very well filled bottom, that never failed to make me smile, and lastly, his legs. Sometimes he just cries out, twitching a bit as his red hair is spiking out in different directions.

The one he meets with tremble and love and even vulnerability. He Young sakura naked releasing himself, and sometimes with weeks of stress upon himself. Most of the time, it was him, showing his true self to the only woman he felt he could do it with, and it was the feeling of the overwhelming love I feel for you he would say. So in the mornings, while he snored slightly, and the dust danced around his fair and gorgeous nakedness, I stared at him.

Sometimes the blanket would be a mess and he would be Tokyo ghoul eto naked uncovered.

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That was my favorite one. His skin glowing under the morning sun, when the dust just barely dared Bare naked pussies fly above his bareness. And all I did was run my fingers through his messy hair, and admire him completely. July 17 36 notes. Originally posted by nalle Keep reading. June 22 notes. This is my second time, so bear with me, alright? Saturday morning. George laid in the bed he shared with his girlfriend, half asleep. She folded her legs under herself as she looked Naked judy jetson him, sprawled, Naked women in the sun his body.

Morning she said, her voice still a tad groggy. George was huge and she loved it. All the while, he never stopped smiling with his eyes shut, enjoying himself completely. So she got an idea. Oh, how easy George gets aroused.

Naked babysitter tumblr

She smirked deeply at the sight. He was still keeping his eyes shut. Oh my— She smiled, Sharon phoenix naked took him inside her mouth, while her left hand gripped his hip, her fingers squeezing the skin to add more sensations. Come on, George, come on.

May 10 73 notes. Feedback and Naked roblox character appreciated. I bet they still burn a tiny bit. I loved watching him moan. And I knew he loved watching me as well. I loved being so close to Ashlee ricci nude. My hands would drag down his body, until they met my favorite part of it: his hips.

George has legs that would go on for days, and I love dragging my hands through them. Sometimes he embraces me as his legs give out underneath me. He felt very much fulfilled, and in love. And maybe, plant a kiss or two in his arms. April 15 notes. April 12 2, notes. April 12 3, notes. April 12 notes. Stranger Things 1. February 20 notes.

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