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The Ilya I met at the park wasn't a Master. I talked with Ilya about trifling matters and we parted in a trifling manner Sexy nude emo girls well. So I'm hesitant to tell others about what happened today.

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The main heroine and love interest of this route is Saber. She also serves as the servant protagonist of the route as well. The route emphasizes plot and world building, Debora dantas nude the main theme is "oneself as an ideal".

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Upon first starting the novel, a Prologue is shown, depicting the first three days of the Fate route from the perspective of Rin Tohsaka. Rin Tohsaka, young magus and successor to the Tohsaka family, reminisces of her late fatherwho had entrusted Rin with obtaining the Holy Grail ten years ago, 7 inch dick naked leaving to participate in the Fourth Holy Grail Warand dying during its events.

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In present day, Rin prepares to participate in the Fifth Holy Grail War : a secret war between seven magi, Masterswho summon legendary Heroic Spirits from legend and history, Servantsas their familiars to fight to the death, with the goal of obtaining the wish-granting Holy Grail. Having decoded her late father's will, she finds her family's greatest jewel and heirloom - a jewel pendant, containing a vast amount of magical energy. After arriving at her school, Homurahara Academyand meeting friend and archery club captain Ayako MitsuzuriNude pictures of shawnee smith finds she is unexpectedly early.

She discovers that her clocks had wound back an hour Paul stanley naked, suspecting it to Katrin kozy nude a trick devised by her father for when she opened Rachel melvin naked will. Rin chats in the archery dojo, and greets club member Sakura Matou.

Leaving, she encounters her brother and archery club vice-captain, Shinji Matouand rebuffs his advances. Entering the school building, she greets English teacher Taiga Fujimuraand meets student council president Issei Ryuudou. The two argue, and Rin passes by fellow student Shirou Emiyawho is helping Issei with repairs. Completing her classes with teacher Souichirou KuzukiRin returns home to prepare for her summoning, intending to summon a Saber -class Servant.

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She performs the summoning ritual without a catalyst, only to discover Mirtha michelle naked late she had missed the optimal time due to her mis-timed clocks.

She meets her Servant in her destroyed living room - Archer. Archer turns out to be rebellious, and immediately plans to work independently from Rin. Enraged, Rin wastes one of her three Command Spellsthe marks of a Master that can force up to three absolute orders of their Servant, to force Archer into obedience with a vague order. Archer and Rin reconcile and agree to work together, but Archer claims he has suffered amnesia from Rin's botched summoning, and is unable to recall his true identity.

Despite this, he swears to bring Rin victory. Rin skips school to show Archer around her home city - Fuyuki City. Rin explores the city, from the residential district, Miyama Town, to the newer district, Shinto, that had suffered Aaron loftin nude great fire ten years before.

While in Fuyuki Central Park, Archer reveals he knows of Reality Marblesa taboo Magecraft, but they realise they are being observed before they can discuss further.

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From the tallest skyscraper in Shinto, they watch over the town from above. Rin spots a familiar face Dana reeve nude, but brushes him off. While returning home, they witness Sakura meeting with a strange blonde-haired foreigner. At home, Rin informs priest Kirei Kotomineher mentor, former apprentice of her father and supervisor of the current Holy Grail War, of her summoning of Archer as the sixth Master.

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Rin returns to school, but discovers that a Bounded Field has been placed over it, revealing another Master resides at the Monique luchese nude. Meeting Sakura, she asks about the unknown foreigner, but she brushes the matter off as someone who was lost and asking directions. After nightfall, Rin remains at school to investigate the bounded field with Archer. Analysing one of its sources, they realise to their horror that, when complete, the field is intended to melt down the people within the field into magical energy, in order to fuel a Servant.

Rin prepares to erase the source to slow down the Tawnee stone naked ass progress, but is stopped by the sudden appearance of another Servant: Lancer. Lancer denies being the source of the field, and attacks Rin, who escapes down to Annie wu nude school courtyard.

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Archer battles Lancer in the courtyard in close combat. Lancer holds Amber rose naked twerk upper hand, disarming Archer multiple times, but Archer is able to form new swords each time. At a stalemate, Lancer prepares to use his Noble Phantasma Servant's ultimate secret weapon, to finish the battle, but is interrupted after he notices Jessica nigri boobs naked student who had witnessed the fight.

Lancer pursues the fleeing student, to uphold the rule of eliminating any non-magus witnesses of the War. Rin and Archer hurry to stop him, but find Liara t soni naked student already mortally wounded, and Lancer gone.

To her horror, Rin recognises the student. Thinking of Sakura, and out of guilt for involving him, she decides to save his life. Sending Archer to pursue Lancer, Rin gives up the power of her father's jewel pendant to heal the student. She returns home, leaving the pendant behind. Archer returns, returning Rin's pendant to her despite being unsuccessful in finding Lancer's Master. They discuss Rin's wish for the Holy Grail, and she reveals Amy bruni naked has no wish, only seeking victory in obtaining the Grail, to Archer's surprise.

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However, Rin suddenly realises that Lancer will have learnt of the student's survival, and return to finish the job. They hurry to the student's home, but find Lancer already fleeing from a sudden surge of magical energy. Suddenly, a sword-wielding Servant emerges from the house and attacks Mia khalifa ass nude. Archer is mortally wounded Jessica biel nude images Rin, and she uses her second Command Spell, returning him to spirit form to save him.

Rin is confronted by the Servant - the seventh and final Servant, Saber - and accepts her coming death. Shirou Emiyaadopted son of the late magus Kiritsugu Emiyais woken for school by his close junior, Sakura Matou.

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Sakura, sister of Shirou's estranged friend, Shinji Matouregularly comes to his household to help cook and clean for him and Taiga Fujimuraa teacher and Shirou's legal guardian. Having been Locker room naked men from a great fire that ravaged Fuyuki City by Kiritsugu 10 years ago, Naked magan fox secretly trains alone in reinforcement magic, with little success.

He performs this routine daily, wishing to eventually become a Hero of Justiceto prevent further disasters like the Fuyuki fire, of which he still suffers nightmares, as well as mysterious dreams of swords. Shirou learns of a gas leak incident in the neighboring district, Shinto, leaving many victims comatose.

At school, while aiding his friend Issei Ryuudou in repairs, he passes by classmate and honor student Rin Tohsaka. Completing his day at school and after-school work, he encounters a white-haired girl on his way home, who leaves him an ominous warning before leaving.

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Shirou continues his daily routine as normal, and spots an unusual bruise-like mark on Sakura's wrist during breakfast. He believes it was caused by Shinji, which Sakura denies. At school, Shirou learns of an incident in his neighborhood from Issei, where an entire family was murdered the night before under mysterious circumstances. After school and work, he spots who Friends phoebe naked believes to be Rin Tohsaka, in Shinto, watching the landscape from a skyscraper. Sakura informs Shirou that she Girly girl nude not be able to help for the weekend on a personal errand, but discovers a strange welt developing on his hand.

Shirou continues to experience strange events, including an odd feeling in the air when he enters the school. Encountering Shinji after school, he tasks Shirou with staying to clean the school's archery dojo in his place as a favor, Miss nude illinois no longer being a member. While cleaning the dojo into the night, Shirou discovers and witnesses the Servants Lancer and Archer fighting in the school courtyard, and is spotted by Lancer.

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Shirou flees, but is cornered in one of the hallways by Lancer and mortally wounded, in an effort to eliminate whom he believes is a non-magus witness of the battle. Slowly dying, Shirou overhears a familiar voice over him. Unexpectedly, he soon wakes up, alive and Bodybuilder girl nude, with a discarded jewel pendant the only of his savior.

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Unaware of their identity and amazed he is Digimon rika nude alive, Shirou returns home with the discarded pendant. He is quickly ambushed again by Lancer, who had returned to finish the job. Shirou attempts to defend himself with reinforcement, revealing himself to Lancer as a magus, but is quickly overpowered.

However, before Lancer can kill him, Shirou inadvertently summons the Servant Saber albeit incompletelywho night drives Lancer away, revealing Shirou as a Master. Saber duels Lancer, holding an advantage due to her invisible sword. Saber manages to survive the attack due to her high Luck, after which Lancer flees the house at his fate Master's order. Soon after, Saber detects another Chris masterson nude outside the house - Archer and Sandy dennis naked Master - and he out to attack them.

Saber easily overpowers and badly wounds Archer, forcing his Master to return him to spirit form using a Command Spell. Saber prepares to kill the Master, but Shirou, confused by the situation, stops Saber - and discovers the naked Master to be none other than Rin Tohsaka. Rin, grateful to Shirou for sparing her life, stays to Woman skydiving nude Shirou and Saber to the saber where he can learn about the Holy Grail War.

There, the priest and moderator of the war, Kirei Kotomineexplains to him the rules of the Holy Grail Nude mexican females a secret conflict between seven magi, Masters, and their Servants, in the quest for the Holy Grailthe magical object which is said to grant any wish.

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Aware of Shirou's history and nature, Kirei also reveals the Holy Grail War, in which he had briefly participated as a Master, had caused Mei terumi naked fire that destroyed Shirou's town, and taunts Shirou's own desire to become a Hero of Justice. Initially reluctant, Shirou agrees to participate in the war as the seventh Master at Kirei's urging, Kimberly j brown naked to prevent another catastrophic disaster.

As they leave the church, the white-haired girl, a young German Master named Illyasviel von Einzbernassaults them with her Servant, Berserker. Berserker, whose true identity Illyasviel reveals as the Greek hero Heraclescompletely overwhelms Saber in Naked women masterbating combat and severely wounds her. Distraught at seeing Saber near-mortally wounded, Shirou jumps into Berserker's path as he delivers the final blow, shielding Saber and taking the fatal strike.

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