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How to create a full power article but do not understand SEO


    www.dani31.xyz - Actually you must already know what content writer is, this content writer is a content of a website article whose content is more dominated by writing or words, well for most people who have this website a lot that does not understand about SEO in article writing but the website can match with professional level websites or large websites as often appear on the first page of google search engines , do you want to make your website appear on the first page of google? yes definitely answered, because for articles that appear on the first page google is more dominated with articles containing writing, as well as with google ads and youtube, even youtube itself also sometimes gets the first ranking on google search pages.

how to create seo articles

This time I will give you a little way to create content or articles that are full power so that easy in index by google search engine page, "can dani31?" is not impossible and does not close the possibility that it could certainly happen for those of us who are minimal or do not understand about the basic knowledge of SEO but want to be indexed on the first page of google, just as this dani31 website may look doubtful and which I actually do not understand about SEO but the article that dani31 for this is almost full power so this website dani31 you find on google search engines, this is one of the evidence why nowadays you can find this content on google search, and it does not close the possibility for you who have a website that contains about various articles will get ranked in google search enggine.

How to get in the first page of google

How do I create an article like the one dani31 implemented all along, I want bloggers to be able to reach the target with what they want to keep trying and not giving up, and the way it is not the origin of writing and then in publicasn just so can then reach the google page at the beginning of the page. here's the secret of the dani31 website that lacks knowledge of SEO but can reach the first page of google search engines.

1. The first thing dani31 does is use the template 

"What does mas content have to do with the template?" actually this template looks ordinary and I use the viomagz template and it does really affect the content of the article in it, from this template dani31 started writing well and that is contained in each of these articles with what dani31 wants to write, this template is made by mas sugeng official or premium purchased directly from the template maker , the bloggers certainly know who mas sugeng actually is, and share about the results of the template used yes this is the result of the discovery of this article dani31, if you also want to use the template made by mas sugeng, you can see the template here, because this template made by mas sugeng is seofreindly and also mobile friendly or responsive in various media.

2. How to create an seo article title.

Do you know how to determine a good and correct title so that it can reach on google's maximum search enggine, actually we can beat the big websites through the title of the article that we use precisely, how to search the title that dani31 does is how people search for good articles in general not based on the origin of the title, and the title of a good article must be on the first page of google search engine , as in the example below:

how to make a good article


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  •     How to make an article into the first page of google

The above data is about how to create an article summarized from google search engine that dani31 get from google search results, and why the above website can enter the first page of google, the answer is I will explain below

1. How to create : 

this is a keyword that most people search for and most applied by bloggers, you can understand with the keyword "how to make" this has many meanings and meanings, as do the types of making things, food, and even how to make slim can also, and this can be one of the titles that is very much searched on google search enggine , even for how to make this a title that persists on google trend every year, try to take a look at the title of this article dani31.

2. Tips: 

no different from the title of how to create, the title with the keyword "tips" is undoubtedly one of the ways to deal with a problem and look for a handler of the problem to be solved, tips are the title of the article that is indeed SEO on google search enggine and indeed very searched by most people who used to use google as a search site , but from the point of use of keywords these tips are still inferior to the word kuti how to make.

3. Keywords with numbers:

What is a number, this number is the number or number written on the sum as shown below:

99 ways to create an article
  •     99 tips and how to make
  •     99 ways to write an article
  •     99 tips for creating a full power article
  •     99 ways to create seo articles
  •     99 ways to get google ranking
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  •     99 easy ways to find keyword articles
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  •     99 ways to write seofriendly articles
  •     99 secrets of making seo articles

And he above these are some examples of making articles, and in general if we can apply more ways, then the visitors will be more interested, because of the larger number, visitors can make a good or correct decision to be able to read the number of criteria contained in the number of numbers in the article.

Thank you for visiting, and I will write the next step in the article that dani31 will create to be able to make every article that blogger friends make into full power and can get the first page on google search engine, to be able to understand the next step please click How to create a full power article but do not understand SEO 

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