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Share Tips Setting DHCP Client Mikrotik Router

Share Tips Setting DHCP Client Mikrotik Router, Ok in this time ai will share mikrotik tutorial, how to configure dhcp client on mikrotik router. Lets go.

share tips setting ip dhcp client on Mikrotik Router
Setting DHCP Server on Mikrotik Router

Artickle - Setting DHCP

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a service that allows devices to automatically distribute / assign IP addresses to hosts in a network. How it works, the DHCP Server will respond to requests sent by the DHCP Client.

In addition to the DHCP IP address, it is also capable of distributing a gateway netmask information, configuring DNS and NTP servers and many more custom options (depending on whether a dhcp-client is supported or not).

Mikrotik can also be used as a DHCP client or DHCP server and can also be used both. one example we subscribe to the internet from provider A. provider A does not provide static information and must be installed on our device, but will provide an IP automatically through the DHCP process.

The way DHCP works on Mikrotik is divided into two architectures, the first is the DHCP server and the second is the DHCP Client for explanation in the article below:

DHCP server. This DHCP server is a network tool that provides IP Address, DNS, default gateway and some other information such as TCP / IP, NTP so that the client computer requesting DHCP can communicate. There are several types of Operating Systems that can or provide the first DHCP server service, namely: Windows NT, Server, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, GNU Linux, Mac OS and other Linux.

The second DHCP client is a network tool that works as an IP address borrower on the DHCP server, this DHCP client requests an IP address and some of the parameters provided earlier on the DHCP server so that the Mikrotik router and other clients get an IP address as communication.

Setting DHCP Client on Mikrotik.

In order to get an IP address from the internet service provider that you use and be able to connect to the internet, you must use a feature called the DHCP client, how to set it as below.

First, in order to create a DHCP client, then Mikrotik in the left menu is the IP menu → then select the DHCP client --> then after that a new pop-up will appear from the DHCP client. then click the (+) add button. after that select the interface that will be done to overcome the DHCP client (in this case I use the wlan 1 interface, one don't forget to check Use peer DNS, Use peer NTP and also add Default Route (Select the 'yes' menu)). Then click apply and ok.

Setting DHCP Server On Mikrotik
DHCP Server Mikrotik Setting Easy

In order to activate the DHCP client feature, you must define interface parameters with the interface to which the DHCP server will connect, or in this case, the interface connected to the internet service provider. Because you want all traffic that leads to the internet to use the connection path from the internet service provider, then Use-Peer-DNS = yes and Add-Default-Route = yes.

There are several parameters that can be adjusted according to the needs of your network;
  • Interface: Choose the appropriate interface that is connected to your DHCP Server.
  • Use-Peer-DNS: If we want to use a DNS server according to DHCP information then only need to do a checklist.
  • Use-Peer-NTP: If we are going to use the router timing information (NTP) in accordance with the information from DHCP.
  • Add-Default-Route: If we want our default route to go according to DHCP information.
  • Default-Route-Distance: Determines the Distance value in the routing rule that is generated automatically. Will be active if add-default-route = yes. 

Yes, that's all I can give Share Tips Setting IP DHCP Client on Mikrotik Router, maybe I will share a tutorial on how to set up a DHCP server on a proxy router. Okay, thank you. Don't forget to bookmark this website and visit this website, if you have questions, please write in the comments column. Ok see you next time and next post .

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