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Setting DHCP-Server On mikrotik

Ok in this time ai will share mikrotik tutorial, how to configure Setting DHCP-Server On mikrotik.
Lets go.

Mikrotik DHCP server is a service that can share or distribute an IP address or IP address en masse automatically on devices or clients.

Not only the IP address of the DHCP server on Mikrotik it can also distribute a DNS configuration, default gateway, netmask information, NTP server and many other options available that cannot be mentioned.

The purpose of configuring the DHCP server on Mikrotik is so that all devices connected to the network do not require manually configuring IP addresses, gateways, DNS and netmask on the client. So that a network admin can easily share the IP address with the DHCP server in addition to being a proxy DHCP server, it is also capable of being a DHCP client and can run the two services simultaneously.

Setting DHCP server pada router Mikrotik

This configuration method can be done on all routerboard brands that already have a license above 2 (License level 2). In this case I am using rb951 Ui2HnD.
Before setting up a DHCP server, you must have done a standard configuration on your Mikrotik router first. here

Continue to the tutorial, to configure the DHCP server, you can do the first step, which is to open Winbox first then click the IP menu → DHCP Server → then click DHCP Setup.

Setting DHCP-Server On mikrotik

After clicking DHCP setup, a pop-up wizard will appear that will guide the DHCP server settings, then please follow the steps from each dialog that comes out.

Select interface to run DHCP server

In the first stage, please select the interface you want to configure the DHCP server for, for example, above I use the ether2 interface.

Select network for DHCP address

Because the IP address that is installed on the ether 2 interface, the IP address that comes out is automatically that IP.

Select gateway for given network client

In the previous step, the IP address, which is installed in the IP → address menu, will be used as the default gateway for the device or client.

Select pool address given out DHCP Server

The IP address range that will be distributed to clients, you can reduce the range or divide several ranges according to your wishes.

Select DNS

This DNS will be given to all devices that request dhcp.

Leases time select

Lease Time is how long the IP Address will be loaned / leased to the device or client. So that the IP address doesn't run out quickly, please set it at least 1 hour (01:00:00) for the lease term of the ip address earlier.

Until this step, if the popup appears like the image above, then the Mikrotik server dhcp setting has been activated and can be used by the client.

To do the experiment, please connect the computer to the ether2 or the interface that has been activated by the DHCP client, then change the IP on your computer in the position "Obtain an IP address automatically". After that, check the IP address on your computer.

If you have a problem with the DHCP server that is not running properly, the first step you can do is that you need to restart the proxy router, the next way is usually the IP address is full, please delete the IP menu DHCP server leases delete unused or unused ones.

So tips and tricks about setting a DHCP server on a Mikrotik router. I hope this tutorial is useful and don't forget to share and bookmark. if you have questions please comment in the comments column below, for next tutorial I will share settings DNS On Mikrotik .

Ok seeyou next tutorial.

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