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Mikrotik change DNS

ok i will share totrial mikrotik change DNS

let's go....

Mikrotik change DNS

As is well known, if we have a business in the field of internet service providers, for example, RT or RW Net, Internet Cafe, internet cafe, or also as a network administrator in a company. in accordance with government regulations and also the policies of each manager to filter or access all sites that contain elements of Sara, pornography, and sites that contain negative content.

To make an internet positive, we must configure the gateway router by adding a DNS server that is owned or has a content filtering content such as DNS Nawala, Komodo DNS, Norton, connectsafe DNS. the development of times and technology, internet users are also not left behind to update on today's information technology. as internet users looking for ways to penetrate from the internet positively. one of them is by changing the DNS address that already exists or has been configured on the user's device using DNS without filtered content.

mikrotik change dns

To prevent this we can implement DNS server forwarding or in other words force internet users to risolve DNS to the DNS we have created, even though the user's device has been configured with another DNS server. Before that we have to configure the DNS server in Mikrotik and make sure the "allow remote request" option is checked. This is done so that the IP address on the router interface is used as a gateway and is also used as the DNS server address for the user.

mikrotik change dns

In building a forwarding DNS server the method is very easy and we can understand it. by utilizing the existing features on Mikrotik, namely firewall-NAT.

for the script is below:
paste in the terminal menu:

/ ip firewall nat
add chain = dstnat action = dst-nat to-addresses = to-ports = 53 protocol = tcp dst-port = 53
add chain = dstnat action = dst-nat to-addresses = to-ports = 53 protocol = udp dst-port = 53

So this will redirect all DNS traffic with port 53 to our DNS server. make sure the roller is in the top position.

Change DNS Static

You can also combine Static DNS features with firewall-NAT rules to create filtering Access for a website. This feature is also available on the IP DNS menu for very easy configuration. just select the Static comment button then click add (+) and specify DNS Static entry. for example this time I use filtering to access the YouTube website with the link www.yutube.com.

mikrotik change dns

also where the site will be redirected in the address parameter. Is another web page or a local web server machine and can also be redirected to localhost from the user who is accessing the web page itself.

example here we will redirect to localhost ( because this time we are using a client device that is also integrated with the web master and web server, so we can make modifications to the appearance and web server pages. if we access the web page www.yutube.com it will appear as below.

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