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Introduction Of IP Addresses On the MikroTik Router

Introduction Of IP Addresses On the MikroTik Router. in this time i will share Introduction Of IP Addresses On the MikroTik Router. and don't forget to bookmark this web. ok lets get start it.

Introduction Of IP Addresses On the MikroTik Router

Introduction Of IP Addresses On the MikroTik Router

First, you must have a mikrotik router so that it can be used and can be configured so that everything runs smoothly because the first requirement is to have a Mikrotik router itself, which has many functions, you can set the hotspot, then you can also set the DHCP server twisted and others.

Mikrotik itself is mostly used by many RT or RW Net entrepreneurs who are mostly in villages or in remote places. because many microtics and functions have many functions that are very much needed or very relevant for these entrepreneurs. usually the Mikrotik is used as an opportunity so that all or settings and configurations can be managed properly.

Therefore, most people, most network administrators there are also those who cannot set up their own MikroTik Router. Therefore, this time I will share a setting that can be set by yourself on the Mikrotik.

Winbox Mikrotik

Step By Step For This Tutorial

  1. You have to download the supporting software called Winbox, the software is available on the official website owned by Mikrotik, it can be downloaded at the following link. after you download the software it can be used on your computer with the Windows operating system usually this Winbox software has two versions because the different ones are x86 and x64 bit, I happen to use the 64-bit version here because my computer is 64 bit.

  2. Open the Winbox application that you downloaded earlier, you can click it 2 times.

  3. Grants permission or permission request pop-up requested by Winbox.

  4. turn on your Mikrotik router, then plug the LAN cable into the port or one of the ports in Mikrotik except port 1, because port 1 on Mikrotik sometimes still has the factory default configuration. Then, plug the LAN cable into the ethernet port on your laptop.

  5. click the neighbors menu, a list or Mikrotik list will appear or appear on the list.

  6. Click 2 times the list or Mikrotik which has appeared in the list just now. then the initial display or dashboard of the Winbox will appear.

  7. more or less it will look like the image below, usually if the Mikrotik just bought or has been reset, the display will have a pop-up where the pop-up displays an information whether to reset or use the default configuration of the Mikrotik router.

    IP Address mikrotik

  8. after that in the left menu there is an IP menu -> Click -> select address, then a menu will appear as below.

  9. then Click the plus button (+) next to the top left corner. a new pop-up will appear, enter the IP address, Network, interface for example 
    IP Address: 
    Network :
    Then select the interface that you will use to communicate between Mikrotik and your computer. Then click Apply and click OK. (in this case I use port 2 on the Mikrotik router.)

  10. After that the image will appear as below. If it looks like this, the configuration you have made is successful.

    Address List Mikrotik


Usually there are many errors when entering the IP address in the IP address menu, because forgetting or not entering the netmask. Therefore, when creating the DHCP server an error will occur or the set up will fail, so don't forget to enter the netmask, which is / 24 when you do configuration in the IP address menu. 

Basically the configuration on Mikrotik is a little easy and not too complicated, usually ordinary people will be confused, so in this tutorial I share with you there is a tutorial on setting IP addresses or simple settings on Mikrotik point Maybe that's it, don't forget to bookmark or follow this blog, hopefully knowledge what I share is useful.


Ok thanks and see you next post on this blog .

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