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History and Introduction Of MikroTik Routers

History and Introduction Of MikroTik Routers this time i will share a tips about and like where mikrotik.  how to set up a MikroTik router.

History MikroTik Routers borns

Introduction Of MikroTik Routers

Mikrotik is the OS for routers that have various feature functions. Of the various features available, the most commonly used is Firewall and Bandwidth. Mikrotik is a router that is currently widely used is a cafe and ISP in Indonesia. A myriad of features that are presented at affordable prices can be a special attraction for its users. 

Before going further discuss about mikrotik, mikrotik itself has 2 types of distribution that is called Mikrotik Hardware routerBOARD is a network hardware product in which it is automatically included OS. The second type of distribution is a distribution that is only in the form of an operating system that we can install it through a legacy PC with PII or PIII class with 256 RAM.

Cisco is certainly not a familiar name in the world of routers, the device that serves to direct the address on the internet. But in addition to Cisco, there is another name known as one of the cheaper solution to build a router, which is Mikrotik. Mikrotik is an operating system designed specifically for network routers. With this operating system, you can create a router from a home computer (PC).


Mikrotik is a small company headquartered in Latvia, adjacent to Russia. Its formation was initiated by John Trully and Arnis Riekstins. John Trully is an American who immigrated to Latvia. In Latvia he met Arnis a Physics and Mechanics scholar circa 1995.

In 1996 John Trully and Arnis started routing the world (Mikrotik's vision is to routing the whole world). Starting with Linux and MS DOS system combined with Wireless Aeronet (W-LAN) technology of 2Mbps speed of the Molcova, Latvian power, then serve five customers in Latvia.

 Their basic principle is not to make Wireless ISP (WISP), but make the router program reliable and can run all over the world. Latvia is simply the "place of experiment" of John Trully and Arnis, because at that time they have helped other countries including Srilanka serving about four hundreds of its customers. 

The first Linux they use is the 2.2 kernel developed jointly with the help of 5-15 R & D Mikrotik staff who now control the routing world in developing countries. According to Arnis, in addition to staff in the environment Mikrotik, they are also freelance workers and third parties who intensively developed Mikrotik marathon.

    For developing countries, Mikrotik solutions are helpful to ISPs or small companies looking to join the Internet. Although there are many available mini NAT router devices, Mikrotik is the best solution in some conditions of computer users and software.


Mikrotik has an Operating System when it is not incorrectly called RouterOs. Mikrotik built with Core LINUX, which causes the Router product is cheaper than other routers such as CiscoFrom terms of operation Mikrotik pertained friendly with winbox software which is where setting administratornya.

RouterOS Mikrotik also can detect various kinds of ethernet card (LAN CARD) from various vendors which already exists.

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