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Basic Discussion On MikroTik

Basic Discussion On MikroTik this time i will share a tips about and like where mikrotik. article times discussing the early history and the discovery of mikrotik. therefore let's refer to this article in order to help friends all friends.
Ok Let's Go.

Mikrotik Discussion

Basic Discussion On MikroTik


Router is a tool that sends data packets over a network or the Internet to its destination, through a process known as routing. The routing process occurs in layer 3 (Network layer like Internet Protocol) of the OSI model stack protocol. The router serves as a link between two or more networks to pass data from one network to another.

Discussion MikroTik- PUBLIC IP

IP is the name of a computer in the form of 4 groups of numbers and each group usually contains 3 digit number (for more details please see wikipedia and speedy opensource). From this explanation can be concluded that Public IP is IP that can be accessed in internet network

Discussion MikroTik - DHCP

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a protocol based on client / server architecture that is used to facilitate the allocation of IP addresses in one network. A local network that does not use DHCP must provide IP addresses to all computers manually. If DHCP is installed on a local network, all connected computers on the network will get the IP address automatically from the DHCP server. In addition to IP addresses, many network parameters can be assigned by DHCP, such as default gateways and DNS servers.

Discussion MikroTik - GATEWAY

Gateway is a device used to connect a single computer network with one or more computer networks that use different communication protocols so that information from one computer network can be assigned to other networks of different protocols.

Discussion MikroTik -  SERVER

Server is a computer on the Internet or on another network that stores files and makes them available for retrieval if needed. Server is a computer network application that is used to serve many users in one network. Server is a computer system that provides certain types of services in a computer network.

Discussion MikroTik - DNS

Domain Name System (DNS) is a distribute database system used to search computer names (name resolution) on a network using TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). DNS is commonly used in Internet-connected applications such as web browsers or e-mail, where DNS helps to map host names of a computer to an IP address. Domain Name System (DNS) is a service application on the internet that translates a domain name into an IP address and one type of system that serves IP address mapping requests to FQPN (Fany Qualified Domain Name) and from FQDN to IP address. 

DNS is typically used in Internet-related applications such as Web Browsers or e-mail, where DNS helps to map host names of a computer to an IP address. Besides being used in internet DNS can also be implemented to private network or internet. In addition to use on the Internet, DNS can also be implemented to a private network or intranet where the DNS has advantages such as:

Easy, DNS is very easy because the user is no longer bothered to remember the IP address of a computer just host name (Computer name).

Consistent, the IP address of a computer may change but the host name does not change.
Simple, the user only uses one domain name to search both on the Internet and on the Intranet.

Discussion MikroTik - WEB PROXY

The web proxy is a web-based proxy server that functions as an anonymizer. That is, Web Proxy served as an intermediary between you (client) with web server (web destination), and every interaction will be through web proxy. In the process of sending data, your IP Address will not appear on the web server because the web proxy hides your IP anonymously. To easily understand Web Proxy performance, see the image below.

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