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Basic Commands Of MikroTik

Basic Commands Of MikroTik this time i will share a tips about and like where mikrotik. article times discussing the early history and the discovery of mikrotik. therefore let's refer to this article in order to help friends all friends. Let's Go.

Basic Commands Of MikroTik For Beginers
command mikrotik terminal

Basic Commands Mikrotik

This router is a continuation of the material Basic Commands Mikrotik and Mikrotik Directory, we will recognize the basic commands on mikrotik, ranging from a router naming command to setting ip Firewall nat Please read carefully, I will describe two ways of writing commands for every command that can be executed.

Rename User Admin with Commands Mikrotik

/system identity set name = myrouter ( said myrouter will be the new admin name)

Give Password with Commands Mikrotik:

password then enter
old password: (old password, if new installed means emptiedd)
new password: (enter new passwordd)
confirm new password: (enter new password once again).

Restore Settings Under Default Conditions

/system reset (from Admin directory)

Commands MikroTik Turn Off router

/system shutdown (from Admin directory)

Commands MikroTik for Restart

/system reboot (from the Admin directory)

Command to a Specific Directory:

/interface command then enter will bring us into the interface directory
/ip Address then enter command will take us into ip address directory
/ip route command then enter will take us into ip route directory
/ip DNS command then enter will bring us into the ip DNS directory
/ip command Firewall nat then enter will take us into the ip firewall nat directory
to exit the subdirectory and return to the admin directory use the command "/" without quotation marks

Command to Rename the Interface MikroTik

/set 0 name = lan / set ether1 name = lan (done in interface directory)
/interface set 0 name-lan / interface set ether1 name = lan (done from admin Directory)

Command Give Ip Address

/add address interface = lan (from ip address directory)
/ip address add address interface = lan (from Admin Directory)

Note : / 24 is a subnetmask which means
           = lan is the name of the interface you want to give ip address.

Command to Determine the Gateway

/add gateway = (from ip Route Directory)
/ip route add gateway (from Admin Directory)
/make connection sharing add chain = scrnat out-interface = lan action = masquerade (from ip firewal nat directory)
/ip firewall nat add chain = scrnat out-interface = lan action = masquerade (from Admin directory)

Note :
out-interface (is usually filled with an interface name that has an internet connection
view Directory information)

Thanks for your friends have listened to the article Basic Commands Of Mikrotik on my blog, do not forget to visit my blog to get the latest update. Ok, thank you.

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